50 widows in al-Derehimi area of Hodeidah received cash assistance from Mona Relief

November 6 ,2020

Mona Relief’s team in Hodeidah was able to reach out today 50 widows there with cash assistance.

The project was funded by our Kuwaiti donors..

In 2019, Yemen is still the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The country has become increasingly unstable since the conflict escalated dramatically in mid-March 2015, severely disrupting the economy, including the agriculture sector, collapsing essential services and exhausting coping mechanisms.

More than 20 million Yemenis are food insecure, including nearly 10 million who are on the brink of famine and starvation. Two-thirds of all districts in the country are already pre-famine. A first-ever assessment in the country confirmed that 65 000 people are already in advanced stages of hunger and extreme food deprivation. More alarmingly are the 238 000 people in IPC Phase 5 who will face similar conditions if food assistance is slightly disrupted.

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