Conflict of Interest

The MONA organization respects the privacy of everyone working on its behalf and considers actions taken outside the scope of work as not within its concern. However, the organization recognizes that the personal interests of those working for it during any social, financial, or other activities may directly or indirectly intersect with its subjects or goals, potentially creating a conflict of interest.

MONA organization upholds its values and principles, which include integrity, teamwork, initiative, and achievement. The conflict of interest policy issued by MONA aims to reinforce and protect these values, preventing personal, family, or professional interests of anyone working for MONA from influencing their duties towards the organization or gaining benefits at the expense of MONA through those interests.


Anyone working for the MONA organization is obligated to adhere to the following:

  1. Declaration of adherence to the conflict of interest policy adopted by MONA when engaging with the organization.
  2. Commitment to values of justice, integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness, and avoidance of bias, favoritism, or prioritizing personal interests or the interests of others over those of MONA.
  3. Avoiding any unlawful financial or moral benefit, whether for oneself, family, friends, or acquaintances, through the performance of duties for MONA.
  4. Avoiding participation in decision-making that leads to conflicts of interest or gives the appearance of such conflicts.
  5. Completing MONA’s disclosure form for interests annually.
  6. Disclosing to their direct supervisor any case of conflicting interests or any emergent suspicion of such conflicts, whether financial or non-financial.
  7. Reporting any case of conflicting interests that may arise, whether personally or from others working for MONA.
  8. Providing evidence of resolving a conflict of interest, if it exists, or if requested by MONA.