Dr. Makkiah Mahdi: Aslam district is not a focal point for the spread of malnutrition; all districts of Hajjah province suffer from the disease

January 19, 2019

By Ali al-Tawhami

Mona -Exclusive – Head of the health center at Al-Thalooth area in Aslam district of Hajjah province, Dr. Makkiah Mahdi affirmed that Aslam district is not the core point for the spread of malnutrition, adding that malnutrition spreads in all of Hajja province’ districts.

During her meeting with Head of Yemen Organization for Relief and Development (Mona Relief), Fatik al-Rudaini on Friday, January 11 at the Aslam health center, Dr. Makkiah Mahdi stressed that malnutrition cases are not focused in Aslam district but it spreads more in Kushar and Khairan al-Maharaq districts of Hajjah province.

“There are many cases beside suffering from malnutrition they are also associated with other diseases, the majority of patients suffer from brain hemorrhage or what is known medically as “SEPRAL PLASI” save for meningitis, seborrhea fever and malaria,” said Dr. Makkiah Mahdi.

She noted to the emergence of more new cases with the disease of malnutrition immediately after birth.

“We have received during this month 6 cases of malnutrition after childbirth immediately, one of which died last week,” said Mahdi.

Mahdi clarified that the baby post birth normal weight is 3 Kgs, though the received malnutrition cases weigh 2Kgms or less.

She stressed that the post treatment of malnutrition cases is the most challenging factor that the health sector faces, pointing out that the deterioration of the standard of living of citizens, especially after the outbreak of war is a real challenge that threatens a “setback” of many cases addressed by malnutrition.

Dr. Mahdi stressed on providing a proper health environment at the populated areas.

“Drinking water should be safe and sterile and sanitation places should be located far away of populated areas,” said Dr. Mahdi.

Dr. Mahdi complained from the scarcity of well qualified medical staff at the department of malnutrition in Aslam district, pointing out that the existed doctor is a practitioner and is not a pediatrician.

Dr. Mahdi concluded by calling on the concerned local council’s authority of Hajjah province to address the current health care problems so as to contribute in limiting malnutrition problem.

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