Funded by IOM Yemen, Mona Relief installs & distributes 48 dual latrines for IDPs in Sana’a

January 11, 2022

Supported by IOM, Mona Relief implements the project of installing and distributing dual latrines for displaced households in Al-Jama’a IDPs hosting site – Arhab district – Sana’a governorate January 2022.

The project supported by IOM has improved sanitation in the site. In addition, it improved protection for affected populations especially women and children. The project has strong impact on the quality of life there.

The project has changed a lot in the beneficiaries psychology. It made them feel much more better than ever. Women and girls are the most happy and feeling comfortable for the service of dual latrines provided. People in the site confirmed that they are feeling secured. They said their women did not use the bathrooms in the day. They used to stay and try to hold themselves until midnight. If any goes during the day, she is being abused and harmed by passengers crossing the roads.

The dual latrines provided to each family will give them privacy and protection. Women could use latrines anytime either during the day or the night. All family members are protected from any abuse or harassment. Women, elderlies, children, and PWD are able to use latrines beside their homes.

The cash assistance provided also protection for the IDPs. Women could rest at home and do their home duties and go out to beg and try to find sources to feed their families. In addition it supported obtaining medicine for their ill people in the site.

After Mona Relief provided the WASH cluster and IOM with the WASH situation report in the IDPs hosting site in Arhab district. It was decided to implement an urgent intervention to provide the HHs there. The intervention is mainly to install and distribute dual latrines for the HHs. 96 HHs were assessed in the site by our teams and the WASH situation was assessed by our Engineer. Many people of the beneficiaries do not have IDs and suffer from the lack of services in the site. The WASH sector faces many obstacles in Al –Jama’a’s IDPs site. Households are rarely provided with clean water and it is still uncovered by any service provider. Only for three days the site is provided with water as a charity from a business women. Friday , Monday, and Thursday; they are provided with 20000 L. Water provided is somehow enough. Sanitation is also facing obstacles. People were using open areas. Women and children were the most affected by the lack of latrines to use. They were abused and faced protection risks.

Number of 96 HHs benefited from the project of installing and distributing the dual latrines in Al-Jama’a’s IDPs site. The number raised after the needs assessment was 97 HHs. After we started the installing process, we discovered that one beneficiary left the site. Any way there were 48 dual latrines and these latrines were distributed equally for the 96 HHs. One for each Household. These 96 HHs are in a total (524) persons. The number of individuals is increasing due to the new births in the site.

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