Malnourished children receive food supplies in Sana’a from Mona Relief for the second round

October 17, 2021

Yesterday, 21 families in Sana’a governorate (approximately 147 individuals) received food aid supplies from Mona Relief.

All targeted families have children who are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Our project aims to mitigate the malnutrition among women and children from the targeted groups. As well, we will provide them with WASH and Health services. The project will provide 126 food parcels on a monthly basis to 21 households over six months.

The food kit consists of the following different kinds of food: (10 kg of wheat, 5 kg of sugar, 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of dates, 2 cans of oats, 3 cans of beans, 2 boxes of cheese and one carton of eggs).

Our project was funded by an anonymous donor along with Mona Relief’s Patreon fundraising campaign.

As the poorest families could not get safe and sufficient food nor clean drinking water because of the decreasing economic situation of Yemen, over 19 million individuals are suffering from food and water insecurity. 

Due to the increase in food prices, most families cannot afford the basic food needs of their children and other family members. Usually, 80% of the most vulnerable households feed their family only one meal per day. Malnutrition has decreased the productivity of families and disrupted their daily routines.

A lack of clean drinking water is the second main reason for the spread of diseases and epidemics. Also, both women and children fetch water over their heads from far distances of about 100 meters in order to be able to get clean water suitable for drinking and household use. As a result of the lack of water tanks nearby in the area, it may lead to depriving the displaced families, the marginalized, the host community and the disabled of their most basic rights in order to sustain a decent life.

Though women and children bring water, the water brought isn’t clean or fit for human use.

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