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May 7, 2019

Reuters News Agency and EPA European Pressphoto Agency reported about Mona Relief’s food aid distribution at al-Azarqeen camp in the capital Sana’a.

Yesterday’s project targeted 120 displaced families there with food rations ahead of fasting month of Ramadan.

Each food aid basket contains, 25 Kg of white flour, 5kg of wheat flour, 5kg of sugar, 5 kg of rice, 2 litters of cooking oil, 2 kg of dried red lentils, 5 kg of dates, can of ghee, 1 kg of powdered milk , and a cartoon of tomato paste.

What we provided is still nothing comparing to the number of people who they are in dire need. Remember that there is millions of Yemeni people starving to death and they have no idea how they can get their daily meal.

From our side, Mona Relief tries to do the best during providing people life-saving assistance, but as you know one hand can’t clap and without your support and your generous donations Mona Relief’s team in Yemen could do nothing.

Since it was established in May 2015, Mona Relief was able to reach out more than 45000 families in Yemen based on your money.

Please donate generously and support our people in Yemen by donating via our online fundraising campaigns in Indiegogo or in gofundme.

Mona Relief’s online fundraising campaign in this link where our donors and backers can pay your Zakaat .

I recommended you as well to feed families in Yemen via our current campaign in indiegog which the campaign is allocated to help families with food all over Yemen.

Also we recommended you to donate via our campaign via gofundme which was allocated to help our people in Yemen with medicine, food and other items as you can see in the campaign.

Finally, please don’t forget that there is millions of people living in Yemen dreaming about food because they can’t afford it.

Please donate and if you can’t please share and raise awareness about our work in Yemen.




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