Mona Relief sets up handcraft project to 20 families of IDPs in Hodeidah

February 9, 2022

At least 20 families from Mandhar area of Hodeidah in Western Yemen fled to the city of Hodeidah leaving every things behind due to the fierce conflict in their area.

Those families lost their daily income as they weren’t able to return to their own houses due the ongoing clashes in the Mandhar area.

Mona Relief started studying the possibility to help those families with a livelihood project that guarantees them to depend on themselves.

The 20 families are professional in sewing a handicraft clothes called (Mawaz), Mona Relief started to contacted some donors and we found a charity in Kuwait which helped us in the project in the initial stages. And after that Mona Relief continued in providing training in this field and it continued producing (Mawaz) funded by our fundraising campaign in Patreon.

Please enjoy the pictures and continue supporting our humanitarian work in Yemen.

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