Mona Relief team spends fun-filled day with 160 children at al-Khamees IDPs hosting site

November 24, 2022

In association with Mona Relief protection sector, and Mona Relief CCCM team in Amanat al-Asimah (Sana’a City).

Today, Mona Relief’s CCCM team and protection team conducted recreational activities to support the mental well-being of children at al-Khamees eastern and western IDPs hosting sites.

Mona Relief aimed to support the PSS activity for children at both sites where 160 children spent a full day with the Mona Relief team playing, running and jumping.

The Mona Relief field team brought the children together to play games and participate in other activities for a fun-filled day.

Today, the Mona Relief team did their best to put smiles on the faces of IDPs children.

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