Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)

Behavior Code for Mona Relief Organization:

  • Mona Relief Organization unequivocally condemns any form of violence, exploitation, and sexual abuse. Representatives of the organization, whether directly or indirectly working with children, youth, and individuals at risk, are required to adhere to the organization’s Code of Conduct. This code also applies to employees and their behavior towards each other and those we serve.

Representatives of the organization must:

  1. Treat employees, children, youth, and individuals at risk with respect and acknowledge their right to personal privacy.
  2. Refrain from using racial or sexual language towards anyone and prohibit improper physical contact.
  3. Avoid being alone with children, youth, or individuals at risk. Activity planning should ensure the presence of more than one person or, at least, others within sight and hearing range.
  4. Refrain from spending the night in the same room with children, youth, or individuals at risk.
  5. Take immediate and serious action regarding harassment, exploitation, violence, and sexual harassment issues.
  6. Ensure disciplinary actions are not harsh and refrain from insulting employees, children, youth, or individuals at risk.
  7. Avoid taking photographs of children, youth, or individuals at risk that could be harmful or disrespectful to their dignity. Refer to the Child Protection Policy or Communication Guidelines with Children.
  8. Not solely rely on their good reputation for protection and avoid putting themselves in a position that could expose them to false accusations by anyone.
  9. Exploitation and sexual harassment by organization employees are considered severe misconduct and provide grounds for terminating the service contract.
  10. Any form of relationships, including sexual relationships, between organization employees and children, youth, or individuals at risk, as long as they are based on unequal power dynamics, is strictly prohibited. Such relationships undermine the integrity of work in assisting vulnerable and homeless children and will be treated as severe misconduct.
  11. If any organization employee feels concerned or suspects exploitation or sexual abuse by a colleague, whether or not they are an organization employee, they must report this concern to the manager or the international Child Protection Focal Point.