You are the Giver, We are the hands that Deliver.

This work is about serving others. We are instruments of the love and generosity of people who care enough to make a difference.

This is our collective impact.

The World Has Spoken

‘The international humanitarian community needs a fundamental reorientation from supplying aid to supporting and facilitating communities’ own relief and recovery priorities.’

- Tsunami Aid Coalition

As a humanity, we have agreed on 17 sustainable development goals through the United Nations. If you are working on behalf of these goals, let's work together.

Here are 6 areas you can partner with us to make a greater impact

Why Work With Mona?

It's difficult to work in Yemen.

Our established local presence and knowledge of the system allow us to directly reach those in need.

Good access to remote areas and provide relief across provinces under different political regimes.

Brand Visibility & Detailed Reporting

We want your contribution to be known. Not just for showing the world, but for how good it feels to know that you really made a difference.

Our experienced team provides detailed reporting on how money is spent and you will feel confident in the direct impact of your partnership.

We’ve partnered with many organizations to expand their reach

We are involved and connected locally and internationally

Mona Relief is an active member in Yemen OCHA clusters such as Food Security, Shelter, CCCM, Protection, Nutrition, Education and Wash clusters.

Mona Relief attends their monthly meetings and contributes actively in their activities.

Mona Relief has a partnership with IOM Yemen and seeking to partner with UNICEF and UNHCR.