186000 liters of clean water provided during January to 115 HHs at al-Khamees IDP hosting site in Sana’a city

January 31, 2023

Within the multi sectoral activities and in cooperation with WASH sector in the charity.

Mona Relief resumed on January 1st, 2023 providing  6000 liters per day of clean water to 115 HHs approximately 805 individuals at al-Khamees eastern IDPs hosting site in Bani al-Hareth district in Sana’a city.

The clean water provision aims to supply the existing water tanks in the site with 6000 liters per day through water trucking.

The total of 186000 liters of drinkable clean water that was provided to the site during January. The project which came as one of CCCM activities in IDPs hosting sites in Sana’a city will continue for three months and will be funded by Mona Relief.

Mona Relief started on December 5, 2022 supplying the hosing site with 6000 liters per day.

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