5 latrines and new water tank installed by Mona Relief at Dhahban IDPs hosting site in Sana’a city

December 20, 2022

As part of Mona Relief-CCCM activities in IDPs hosting sites in Sana’a city. Today, the Mona Relief team has finished installing and distributing 5 latrines for 34 HHs at Dhahban IDPs hosting site in al-Thuura district in Amanat al-Asimah.

Also Mona Relief team completed today installing a new water tank point in the site and will start providing clean water for 178 individuals very soon.

Mona Relief committed to supply the new water tank for 3 months with clean water through water trucking.

All activities were carried out with a participation of a handful of individuals who were selected by the community committee members in the site in return for Cash for Work

Last week MR_CCCM team held a meeting with community committee members in Dhaban IDPs hosting site al-Thuura district concerned the implementation mechanism for installing and distributing 5 latrines and installing a new water tank.

All maintenance activities were funded and implemented by Mona Relief in cooperation with SCMCHA in Sana’a city branch along with CCCM cluster in Sana’a Hub.




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