500 families at Dharwan IDPs hosting site and Sana’a city receive food supplies

April 29, 2022

500 families at Dharwan hosting site in Hamdan district of Sana’a governorate received on April 29, food aid baskets from Mona Relief.

With this last distribution, Mona Relief was able to reach out more than 3200 families with food aid baskets during Ramdan month in Sana’a city, Sana’a governorate and Hodeidah in western Yemen.

The GFD targeted more than 25600 individuals of IDPs, HCs, IDPs hosting sites of Dharwan, Al Saoad, and AlReqah IDPs hosting sites in Hamdan district Sana’a governorate. As well the project has targeted government employees and teachers. Also, HHs headed by women, divorced women, widows, HHs headed by children, and other HHs suffering from poverty.

The 3200 HHs targeted in the duration from April 20th – 29th ,2022.

Food aid distribution in Ramdan month was funded by Mona Relief’s fundraising campaign in Patreon, Partners Relief and Development, Schools for Peace in Poland, Missionary Sisters in Rome, along with other donors.

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