Community committees at  Dhaban, Alkhamis and Almoalimi sites receive training session by MR- CCCM team in Sana’a city

October 17, 2022

As a part of MR- CCCM activities funded by Mona Relief, MR CCCM team carried out on Monday a training session for 3 community committees (9 members) from Dhaban, Alkhamis and Almoalimi IDPs hosting sites in Amanat Al-Asimah. Participants received training that aims to strengthen the committees’ capacity building at the level site. The training session focused on topics as follows,

Basic principles and skills of case management, CCCM’s major roles and the importance of community committees in each site, concepts of camp management, address urgent needs and gaps according to the priority, address the site maintenance and protection site needed, the mechanism of the community participation, along with the compliant and feedback mechanism (CFM).

The training session held at Mona Relief’s headquarters in Sana’a.

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