February 20, 2022

Hello everyone,

This post is about heartbreaking scene that I, Fatik, together with my distribution team, witnessed this week.

I urge you to share this story after you have read it, and I hope you can share it if you know any journalists. I want the world to witness what I did, so that people can see the realities here in Yemen.

On the 13th of February 2021, I was really shocked after seeing people in an area called “Bani Qalam” (in Haymah al Kharijiah district of Sana’a Governorate) eating leaves of trees. Yes, leaves.

The area is very close to the capital with a lot of UN agencies along with several international and local NGO’s who operate with humanitarian aid. I cannot understand how no one has aided this community until now.

If the situation of the people in that area is like that (which is only 80 km away from the capital), then only God knows about areas further away. I have seen people eating leaves in Hajjah which is 300 km away from the capital, but I never thought to see it here close to the capital, Sana’a.

This is the direct result of the ongoing conflict and the sanctions.

I feel the world is turning a blind eye to the largest humanitarian crisis, and that despite the amount of aid and supplies to people, which is nothing compared to the real situation and the real needs.

The suffering of this area is a living example of how the war has exacted a terrible and massive human cost.

We have distributed food to the people in the area, and will continue to send distributions to their area. You can rest assured that Mona Relief has done it’s duty to supply the community with all the food and supplies they need, and that is only thanks to our partners and our generous supporters.

We have distributed food which was funded by.

I am still shocked. I have no more words.

Watch the vidoes and the images and witness yourself. See the people living like the stone ages and eating leaves.

I beg everyone to share these images and to make everyone a witness of the situation. The images are too surreal and heartbreaking.

Please don’t get offended but these pictures are real, and we only took the pictures to show the horror that is happening here on the ground.

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