Fingerprint show at AlSaeedah Channel conducts an interview with Mona Relief’s CEO about his humanitarian work in Yemen

March 4, 2023

Education is one of the most sacred professions and the most important services that can be provided to society. From this starting point, the activist Fatik Al-Rodaini was eager to put his fingerprint here in this area in Hamedan, when he found that its children were receiving education in an unqualified and inappropriate place.

A new episode of your show “Fingerprint”. Today we have a different experience, a unique fingerprint has been placed in its appropriate place and has contributed to and will continue to change the reality of many citizens. The owner of this fingerprint experienced hardship in his youth, which bore fruit in his adulthood. And here it is reaching its fruits to his community and the people surrounding him.

  • Fatik Al-Rodaini
  • Transformed social media to a platform for humanitarian activities.
  • Performed dozens of activities with individual effort.
  • Built an entire school and connected drinking water to displacement camps.

Succeeded in earning the trust of supporters and beneficiaries in a short period.

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