Jewish community in Sana’a receives food aid from Mona Relief

February 25, 2019

Mona Relief’s team in the capital Sana’a delivered today monthly food aid packages to Jewish minority families in Yemen.

Mona Relief has been delivering food aid baskets to Jewish community in the capital Sana’a since 2016.

Our project today was funded by Mona Relief’s online fundraising campaign in indiegog.

Mona Relief thanks every single one who supports our humanitarian work in Yemen. Some Yemeni Jews still live in Sana’a, and the town of Raydah in northwestern Yemen, after they refused to join the airlift to Israel organized by the Jewish Agency. In 1949-1954, Israel airlifted more than 50,000 Yemenite Jews out of Yemen and brought them to Israel in two secret operations, but some Jews had decided to stay on inside Yemen

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