Mona Relief contributes to rebuilding a house for a family in Sana’a

February 6, 2022

Mona Relief contributes with of total cost to rebuilding a house for a family in Sana’a.

This project is the second house that Mona Relief helped in rebuilding a house for a family of 6 people.

After receiving an appeal by one of follower in Twitter mentioned that a person called Yehia from an old Sana’a has no money to maintain his own house as the celling of his house is about to fall down on the heads of his family.

Mona Relief responded to the call of our friend and started to buy wood and cement the house is needed.

I want to share this humanitarian work with you as the pictures here showing you before and after our intervention in this house.

We will continue to work on more housing projects. We have a lot of experience in temporary shelters for IDP’s as well as tent building.

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