Mona Relief launches Ramadan campaign with distribution of almost 160 food aid baskets

March 8, 2023

Mona Relief launched on Wednesday 08 March its Ramadan campaign for 2023 which aims to feed nearly 5000 vulnerable families across Yemen.

The local relief agency provided on Wednesday food aid to almost 160 vulnerable families, approximately 1120 individuals, amid a food insecurity in the Yemeni capital.

The food aid included wheat flour, rice, vegetable oil, sugar, bean cans and a carton of tomato sauce.

Mona’s team unloaded a truck with the food aid and prepared them before being distributed to vulnerable people in Sanaa.

The food distribution was funded by Mona Relief’s Patreon fundraising campaign along with our partners in Poland Schools for Peace.

Conflict-ravaged Yemen is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world with over 17.3 million vulnerable people out of its 30-million population who are in need of humanitarian and protection assistance in 2023, according to estimates by the United Nations.

Mona Relief is a local and non-government organization that delivers life-saving aid to vulnerable families in Yemen.

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