Mona Relief providing irrigation system using solar energy to 2 farmers in al-Jawf

February 4, 2019

Mona relief supported 2 farmers in al-Mutoon area in Al-Jawf governorate by providing irrigation system using solar energy as an alternative to the irrigation system used, which depends largely on oil derivatives.

Because of high diesel prices and the inability of farmers to purchase diesel to irrigate their own agricultural land, Mona has supported farmers with 20 percent of the value of solar panels as a contribution from Mona to help farmers continue to irrigate and cultivate land.

The solar irrigation project will contribute to the provision of safe drinking water to more than 1,300 families close to the supported farms. The project will also provide part of the necessary crops to a number of affected destitute families that live close to the two supported farms.

The project costs $ 46,000. Mona provided 20% of the value of the project with a total of $ 9,200 with the support of a local philanthropist. Please donate to help us help more families in #Yemen

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