Mona Relief to continue providing 50000 of clean water per day in Sana’a

January 1st, 2022

In 2022 Mona Relief charity will continue providing 50000 liters per day of clean water to the most vulnerable families and IDPs in Amanat alAsimah and Sana’a governorate.

Mona Relief has set up 10 points of water tanks during 2020 and 2021 and since then we are supplying the water tanks with clean water daily.

The total of clean water points that being supported by Mona Relief in the capital Sana’a is ten points, where we provide more than 50,000 liters per day to more than 3000 families.

Clean water project started for first time in March 2020 with supplying three already installed tanks with clean water for 30 times monthly each . In April 2020 Mona Relief installed three others points and started since then providing clean water to 1800 families at Heziz area of Sanhan district in Sana’a governorate providing 30000 liters per day. And in August 2020 we installed a new water point in Bani al-Harith area of Amanat alAsimah providing 5000 liters per day.

Our project continued during the 2021 in supplying our water tanks with clean water daily.

During August and November 2021, Mona Relief installed four water points more in Bani al-Harith area in Sana’a city. Providing 20000 liters per day. The total number of clean water tanks is 10 points. And the total of water liters are being provided daily is 50000 liters to3000 families.

Water clean water is funded by Mona Relief through our fundraising campaign in Patreon.

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